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AR500 Rangetime Steel Target Silouhette 12x20x1/2" with 2x4 Stand

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  • New for 2021- Resigned X-base sets up and stores easily.
  • Includes AR550 12"x20"x1/2" AR550 Silhouette Target, Target Lock system and 2x4 Mount Kit with X-base
  • Comes apart in seconds for easy transport.
  • AR500 Steel targets are manufactured from new high quality 1/2 inch thick AR550 steel plate made in the USA.
  • Mount kit holds target at a 20% angle to help deflect shrapnel to the ground

AR550 Steel Silhouette 12”x 20” x 1/2".

All of our targets are CNC laser cut giving you the hardest edges. This allows us to put 1/2″ square mounting holes in the target so you can use a safe round head carriage bolt to mount your target. Many target companies use the cheaper CNC plasma cut process. Plasma cutting can overheat the metal and change the hardness of the target leading to more edge chipping shortening the life of the target. Powder coated in white. Made in the USA

20 degree 2×4 top mount.

Our 2×4 target mount holds your target at a 20-degree angle safely deflecting spent shrapnel to the ground below the target. The open hook design of the 2×4 mount allows you to quickly change your targets. As a result, the target can still move absorbing the energy of the hit while ringing like a bell.

Steel Target Lock System

Never worry again about your target bouncing off the stand with our included Target Lock system . Simply flip the lock down so it wraps around the 2×4 mount and your target is locked on. Want to remove your target? Simply flip the target lok up and lift the target off.

X-base 2×4 Stand Base

With four 3/16” grade 50 steel legs and a footprint of 20”x30”, you will never have to worry about your target falling over. The “teeth” on the legs will dig in and provide a stable platform on virtually any type range soil. We know that not everyone’s range time experience is the same. For this reason, we’ve designed this base so you can permanently leave it together or break it down for portability.

Grade 8 hardware kit

Nothing can ruin your range time faster than a broken hostage target system. That is why we use a grade 8 carriage bolt to mount the silhouette to the 2×4 mount.

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