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Bulldog Lifetime Warranty


Bulldog Targets is the first archery target company the the world to offer a lifetime warranty on an archery target.

If you wear out the face, the inside, or any other part of the target by shooting at it we will replace it for the rest of its life. Generally the only part that wears out on the target is the face so usually we will just send out a new face kit, however if for some reason you have worn out more than just the face just send us your old target and we'll make it good as new and send it back! 

Only these targets are part of the Lifetime Series

  • APA T10
  • APA T12
  • Doghouse FF
  • Doghouse FP
  • Doghouse XP
  • Doghouse XL 450
  • Double Dog FF
  • Doghouse Pug

Do you have a Lifetime Series target and need to make a claim? Use the form below and we'll take care of you! 

Targets Unlimited, LLC

Contact: (214) 307-5910


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Targets Unlimited Procurement and Contracts

SBA Profile

In 2017 Targets Unlimited, LLC started selling retail targets in Dallas, Texas. Today, we sell to both retail, wholesale, law enforcement and government agencies with worldwide distribution options. Targets Unlimited, LLC boasts the largest selection of targets available on the internet today. Targets Unlimited daily takes hundreds of shoppers on a journey of discovery through our continually increasing selection of familiar brands and fresh new products. From firearm to archery targets, steel to qualification paper targets and everything in-between while providing unparalleled customer service. Targets Unlimited is your number one target destination!

Capability Statement for Government Sales

Targets Unlimited, LLC is a small business owned and operated by dedicated people who specialize in manufacturing customized print, qualifying and steel targets. We offer the world's largest online target selection of approximately 2,500 targets.  Discover our wide range of quality targets solutions, including reactive, paper, clay, steel, stands and specialty options.  If we don't have it, we can make it!  From retail to wholesale needs, we are federally approved and deal directly with law enforcement agencies at the City, State and Federal levels along with State and Federal prisons, private businesses, clubs and individuals. Targets Unlimited, LLC offers timely production, delivery and world class customer service.  We are especially grateful to our active and retired military and first responders that help protect the liberties we currently possess as a nation. Let Freedom Ring!

Information About Us

  • GSE: Targets Unlimited, LLC
  • DUNS: 118961608
  • Cage Code: 98AG9

Physical Address: 9901 E. Valley Ranch Pkwy., Suite 3050, Irving, TX 75038

Mailing Address: 4020 N. MacArthur Blvd., Suite 122-205, Irving, TX 75038

POC: Jann Parker, CEO, Direct Line: (469) 586-9995

Email Address:

Primary Business: 100% Target Selling. Specialize in printing paper and manufacturing steel targets.

NAICS Codes: 611620, 611710, 611699, 711211, 711320, 713940, 713990, 423990, 423910, 332994, 561210, 333999, 339920

PSC Codes: Z2EA, Z2CA, Z1EA, 6910, 6920, 7810, 6930, UOO9

Easy Ordering, fast delivery and we love to talk on the phone about the specifics.

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