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3-D VOICE - 5 Vital Organ Impact Card Examinators

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The 3D VOICE™ (Vital Organ Impact Card Examinator) is the ultimate tool for 360-degree target engagement. It is the only VOICE™ that will register vital organ impact even from a full 360 degree shot.


------------------------------------Value of Design---------------------------------------

In a time when ammunition is scarce and expensive we believe that every shot fired is precious and must be optimized in the value it provides. A hole in a flat target loses 93.42% of its value since only 6.58% of the studied civilian gunfights presented an attacker straight on. Entry and exit holes on FRED’s torso with a 2D VOICE™ gives you 130-degree entry-exit wounds reading. The 3D VOICE™ gives you 100% of 360-degree vital organ impact shots. It doesn’t get better than that.

------------------------------------Technical Specs----------------------------------------

The 3D VOICE's form registers the rounds' penetration. EVEN if the shots are upward or downward (such as up-and-down stairs or shot from a kneeling position). As long as the shot penetrates the vital organs, the registration of the shot's trajectory is enabled. Furthermore, it is not necessary to removed the 3D VOICE™ from the torso to check your hits. Instead, you can either look over the shoulder or simply flip down the back flap to gain full view of FRED's insides. The 3D VOICE is purposely made from white plastic to allow easy marking of existing shots  and to re-use it effectively until it is too destroyed to read shots.

No modification required! Simply tear open the perforated extended back torso flap and slide the 3D VOICE™ down inside the torso. If the torso is on its stand, the top of the stand will stop and hold the 3D VOICE™ at the right height. If using the torso by itself the bottom flap of the torso that simulates the pelvic bone should be folded in and locked to hold the 3D VOICE™ at its proper height.

See installation video on the Tutorial page of our site. 

    --------------------------------Dimensions & Pricing-------------------------------------

    Package Dimensions: 18.5x12.5x6.5 inches; 2 lbs 9 oz.

    Product Dimensions: 18” tall x 12” wide x 12” deep. 13.10 ounces.

    Wholesale / Institutional Pricing: 50% off, call 866-7-ON-DUTY x701 with your agency, club or store information to qualify. Minimum quantity applies.

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