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AR500 Human Harmonic & Signature Stand Black and Red

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Patent Pending Design Base

Our Harmonic Human Target is the ultimate defensive handgun training target.  

The overall size of the front plate measures 12" wide by 28" tall. With the stand the target is over 6' tall, see our model Andrew is 6'1". The outer & inner plates are laser cut from AR500 steel. The putter faceplate is 3/8” and the inner harmonic plate is 1/4”. The harmonic target includes integrated tuning forks that are concealed behind the front plate.  The inner, Harmonic Plate, is mounted using industrial grade die springs.  Bullets that strike the front plate produce a dull, low frequency ring.  Shots that pass through the openings in the front plate, strike the Harmonic Plate and produce a loud, high frequency ring allowing the shooter to instantly identify their shot placement.

Other steel targets with hinged doors and windows are less suitable for defensive handgun training.  These designs condition the shooter to pause while the hinged door falls back into place.  Our Harmonic Plate is mounted in a fixed position so it's always ready for rapid follow-up shots.

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