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BATTALION "SUITS"-3D Torsos, Legs and Suits

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 The BATTALION 150 SUITED is the optimum reality and scenario training kit with a combination of 150 FRED TORSOS, 150 FRED LEGS and 1,125 accessories. Ideal for scenario settings, force-on-force it provides you with 150 FREDS full size 3D humanoid targets that can stand, lean, kneel, sit, comfortably assume the most common human positions with a low footprint allowing them to stand behind a door, slice the pie around a corner, or hide behind a hostage, and can even drop when hit.

Enough to populate a mall, a school with classrooms full of students, and church or any building with an army of civilians mixed with police officers and bad guys. There is absolutely nothing like it.

Add VOICE options and you've got the perfect target system: sturdy yet able to mark using less-than-lethal and Simunition products, reactive capabilities plus versatile enough to fit any stand.

----------------------------------Technical Specifications--------------------------------

Package Dimensions: 48x40x44 inches; 330 lbs. - Pallet shipping

Manufacturer: Target Nation

Product Dimensions (Torso): Folded 23-1/4x30-1/4x ¼ inches – Formed 30-1/4” tall x 18” wide x 5” deep. 11 ounces.

Product Dimensions (Stand): Folded 23-1/4x28x ¼ inches – Formed 41-1/2” tall x 10-1/2” wide x 15” deep. 15 ounces.

Product Dimensions (Suit): 30” tall x 23” wide. 12 ounces.


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