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Clay Pigeon Target Holders Pack of 7

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  • Clay target holders are ideal for setting up multiple clay targets for tactical scenarios, pistol competitions, and law enforcement training.
  • Handguns, shotguns, long range rifle shooting - whatever kind of shooting you do, improve your shooting skills with our clay target holders.
  • Clay target holders allow you to suspend any type of clay targets 12-15 inches above the ground for realistic line-of-sight target shooting. The visual recognition of a clay target impact allows instant hit verification, saving you trips downrange to check your paper targets. Clay targets are also ideal for longer-range shooting in excess of the audible range of a steel target strike.
  • Clay target holders are CNC bended from 100% of high quality spring tension galvanized steel. This durable steel endures direct impacts from handguns, shotguns, and small caliber rifles.
  • The target holders are easily pushed into any type of terrain including rocky ground so that you can customize your range shooting experience.
  • High quality spring tension galvanized steel machine bent for precision
  • Patented
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