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Do All Outdoors SmartSHOT App Screenshot for BOX

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The Do All Outdoors SmartSHOT App paired with the SmartSHOT control module box allows for a shooting experience unlike ever before! Now, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone to control your Do All Outdoors Auto Trap, except Firefly, and Wobbler Kit.  Simply connect the SmartSHOT device and your smartphone via the Bluetooth connection button.  From there you can program in a various shooting sequences you would like to shoot.  The SmartSHOT Voice Control allows you to control when your auto trap throws simply by saying Pull along with turning on and off the wobbler kit. Quickly program a clay throwing sequence for single and multi-shooter fun using the Multi-Throw and Delay buttons.  Using the Multi-Throw button adjusts the number of clays to throw in sequence from 1 to 5 and then in 5 clay sequence increments up to 20. Using the Delay button, you can set the delay time from when the first clay will throw and then repeat that same delay between each throw.  Always be in a safe location from the trap machine while on to avoid injury.  Never put any objects within the safety ring while the trap is on or the spring is loaded.Attributes

  • Bluetooth connect your smartphone to control your Do All Outdoors Auto Trap (except Firefly)
  • Voice command feature allows you to say Pull and throw your clay target as well turn on and off your wobbler kit
  • Program a throwing sequence for single or multi-shooter fun
  • Smartphone becomes your wireless remote with use of app buttons
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Effective range of about 30 feet


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