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Shooting Target Stand - Modular Steel Shephard Hook (3 Pack) 82" Max Height

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Color: Red White & Blue
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Bash Target Supply's modular shooting target hook is a great addition to your range to create a competitive, fun and challenging set up for any target you want to hang. The threaded steel rods allow you to mix and match colors to either conceal or stand out against the target object color and background. Additionally, the threaded rods allow you to mix and/or match the poles into a solid color or multiple colors. The poles can range in height off the ground from 45" up to a maximum of 82" offering a target environment of different heights to challenge your target acquisition skills. The ground stake at 9" provides a sturdy hold in all ground types and has a tapered point to enable easy ground insertion by pressing your body weight onto the "L" shaped base. These hooks were designed to pair with your Bottle OPS reactive shooting targets from Bash Brands in countless configurations. Stake them, hang them and have a great day on the range challenging your shooting skills.
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in stock, ready to be shipped


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