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Traditional Archery Target 3 Layers 20 inchs Solid Straw Target Hand-Made Arrow Target

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  • HAND MADE TARGET. The raw material of this archery target is biodegradable straw, traditionally hand-made woven, environmentally friendly and beautifully designed. 
  • EASY TO CARRY: There is a lanyard on the target face, so it is easy to carry for outdoor practice, or hang it on a rope or tree or put it on a target shelf. 
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: At a shooting distance of 18 meters, a 3-layer target can be used for a bow weight below 40 pounds, if you have a bow that draws weight of more than 40 lbs , it is advisable to purchase two 3-layer targets 
  • DIMENSIONS: Diameter: 20" ; Weight: 5.6Lbs/ Thickness: 6 cm/2.36"/ 3 Layer. One package including: 1 pcs target, 4 pcs paper target, 4 pcs target pin and 2 pcs arrow pullers
  • WEAR NOTICE: The core material of the archery target is forage, so there may be debris appearing during use. This is normal. A bladed hunting arrow will reduce the life of the target. Please ensure that there is no target behind the target. Pedestrians, avoid accidental injuries!
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