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Traditional Solid Straw Archery Target, 3 Layers 19.5 x 2.2inches

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  • Hand-made archery target made of forage, traditional hand-woven. Sturdy and environmentally friendly. The target surface is covered with a silk-made target image.It easy for shooting practice
  • Sturdy: The arrow doesn't do much damage. Whether the product can be shot through depends on bow lb, the bow shooting fps and the distance of target you put
  • Such as, arrow from a modern compound bow shooting around 300 fps (initial speed), the target distance is very close (Well below the range of your bow and arrow). It is not recommended to buy 3 layers target
  • Easy to Use: Hang the target on the rope or treetop, or it can be placed on the shelf! In addition to being used for archery, it can also be used as a decoration!
  • Hope You Do Not Mind: The core material of the Archery Target is forage, so there may be debris appearing during use. It's normal. And please do not use the bladed hunting arrow to shoot, which will reduce the service life
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