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Windmill Target

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    • WIDE CALIBER RANGE: This product is rated for all calibers .22 - .50 caliber (soft nose recommended) rifle or pistol ammunition.
    • LONGER LIFE TECHNOLOGY: This Impact Seal Target is constructed of technologically advanced material that is able to handle the repeated punishment from all calibers (soft nose ammo recommended) and can handle thousands of rounds.
    • SELF-HEALING: The design of this target allows the bullet to pass through the self-healing target with minimal damage, thus adding to the long life of our product.
    • This target is light weight, yet made of sturdy material.  Metal stake included which when inserted in ground leaves target approx. 9 inches above the ground
    • With a target that reseals itself after the bullet passes through, you will spend less time having to reset or replace your target. The bullet impact spins the target around at the base with no need to reset.
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