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Introducing a Training System that Changes Everything!

Introducing a Training System that Changes Everything!

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Romtes Technologies is an Israeli-based research, design, and manufacturing firm. Most importantly it has, for close to twenty-five years, specialized in both development and production. For instance, interactive live-fire targets and tactical training target systems for military and law enforcement agencies that incorporates a uniquely Israeli combination of innovation, technological common sense, and born-in-battle lessons-learned. Romtes Target Systems have changed the training capabilities of not only Israel’s top-tier counterterrorist units, but also special operations. Additionally it also improved the performance of both military, and security service teams. These units, among the finest in the world, hone their firearms skills and their tactical capabilities using Romtes Targets Systems.

Romtes Targets Systems are in use by the elite of Israel’s special operations order of battle. This includes both the Ya’ma’m, and the police national counterterrorist unit. It also includes “Flotilla 13”, Israel’s naval commandos, together with others units and agencies leading Israel’s war on terror. Romtes Systems are also the primary training tools used likewise by some of the world’s premier Special Forces units. These include many of the top units for instance, in NATO and United States order of battle. The centerpiece of the Romtes training concept is the patented Short Circuit Target, or SCT. The SCT System provides immediate and instant live-fire feedback. Hence, making it a cost-effective training tool that is reliable, accurate, and safe. In conclusion, the Romtes SCT system introduces a new era of innovation and technology. Once used by only a select and elite few, and now available to all shooters.

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