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SCT Pro Target System by Romtes

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Romtes target systems have revolutionized the training capabilities of Israel’s top-tier counterterrorist, special operations, military, and security service teams. These units, among the finest and most experienced in the world, hone their firearms expertise and tactical capabilities on Romtes targets. Romtes target systems are in use by the elite of Israel’s special operations order of battle, including: the "Ya’ma’m", the police national counterterrorist unit; "Flotilla 13", Israel’s naval commandos; and, others units and agencies spearheading Israel’s war on terror. Romtes systems are also the primary training tools used by some of the world’s premier Special Forces units, including many of the top units in NATO and United States order of battle.

The centerpiece of the Romtes training concept is the patented Short Circuit Target, or SCT. The SCT system provides immediate and instant live-fire feedback, making cost-effective training opportunities that are reliable, accurate and safe.
Romtes SCT system introduces a new paradigm of innovation and technology, once used by only a select and elite few, and now available to a whole new shooting world.

The SCT Pro Romtes target system is basically a wireless target system. Firstly, it includes a fully mobile armor protected stand and secondly a Personal Display Device. The display device shows all hits on the targets. In addition, it also shows the location of hits by scoring zone.  The Romtes Short Circuit Target system is a simple and conventional shooting target system that consists of several layers of material.  Basically two of which are conductive. Once a round penetrates the target it creates a short circuit between the two layers. In essence this is detected by an electronic system and then recorded providing the shooter with instant feedback of the hit location.

The Romtes Short Circuit Target system (SCT) is easy to use, and inexpensive to maintain. It is also a complete interactive training system. It was designed by an elite team of combat-experienced engineers and also with tactical training officers.

SCT Pro Target System comes with (1) 5 Zone Truing Target;  additional targets must be purchased separately:  Targets are designed to withstand HUNDREDS of hits making them practical and economical.
See additional targets here:  SCT Targets

.** Disclaimer: The Standard protective armor is suitable for all ammo types up to 5.56. Not including armor piecing ammo. Shooting at the target without the ballistic protection is prohibited. For different calibers contact Romtes.



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