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6 Adhesive Bleeding Targets

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  • MAKE IT SPLATTER- turn any target into a splatter target with the Stick N Shoot adhesive splatter target pod
  • VERSATILE TARGET- Stick these targets on paper targets, splatter targets, cardboard targets, wood backers, and a number of other targets
  • GREAT FOR MOST CALIBERS & THROWING KNIVES- shotgun, pistol, rifle, air rifle, airsoft as well as throwing knives and hatchets
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK- provides a bright & visible impact. Great for long & short range Shooting. Check on your precision & accuracy, the target reacts & BLEEDS showing you where the impact was
  • 6 targets per pack: each target 5.5" x 5"
  • US PATENT NO. 10, 386, 161- our patented technology & manufacturing trade secret was developed by a Navy seal and a team of product designers in the heartland of the USA
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