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Archery Target - 3D Compound Bow and Crossbow Targets

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  • LONGER LASTING: We use our own specially engineered high-density foam to create a lightweight durable target that lasts long after others give out. Our archery targets use precision layered polyethylene to create a tough surface that takes minimal damage from arrows.
  • EASY RETRIEVAL: The nature of our layered foam core means arrows in your shooting area pull out easier. The layers localize damage to the target helping it last longer and let go of arrows easier.
  • SHOOT YOUR WAY: These targets are rated for arrows and bolts at up to 350fps. It's the perfect 3D block target for shooting compound bows, broadheads, field tips, and crossbows. This target features 6-sided shooting with a battleship game on one side.
  • MADE FOR YOU:  lightweight, reusable and weather resistant to allow you to practice anytime or anywhere.
  • Made in the USA
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