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The FRED BATTALION 400 TORSO is the largest bundle for extensive shooting, law enforcement training or retailers. Each TORSO allows placement at any angle for both indoor or outdoor ranges. These 3-D torsos fasten to all standard target stands, including mechanical/electric target retrieval systems and even pneumatic target rotating systems. Furthermore, FRED's built-in adjustable anchor can be fastened at a 45-degree angle on a flat target backing, and when hanging from a mono-clip or dual-clip retrieval system to allow practice of critical angle shooting even from a static shooting lane. These TORSOs include vital organ perforations on the back. The 4" recessed TORSO accepts:

  • FREE VOICE (Vital Organ Impact Card Examinator) replaceable sheets downloadable from The VOICE (available in two formats: 8-1/2 x 11 and 11x17) easily insert in the designated back slot. 
  • Optional 3D, full size molded Vital Organs (3-D VOICE) that fills the chest cavity with the common size lungs and heart of a 5’9’ average person. The 3-D VOICE is easily inserted in the chest cavity through the expandable slot in the TORSOs back.

FRED's TORSOs are sturdy enough to allow you to shoot it over and over for an extended period of time and numerous practices by simply replacing the VOICE component.

Pair this order with the BATTALION LEGS and you’ll have yourself 270 full size humanoid targets that can stand, lean, react, kneel, sit, and comfortably assume the most common of human positions.

----------------------------------Technical Specifications--------------------------------

Package Dimensions: 48x40x44 inches; 330 lbs. - Pallet shipping

Date First Available: December 2020

Manufacturer : Target Nation

Product Dimensions (Torso): Folded 23-1/4x30-1/4x ¼ inches – Formed 30-1/4” tall x 18” wide x 5” deep. 11 ounces.

Wholesale / Institutional Pricing: 50% off and free shipping, call 866-7-ON-DUTY x701 with your agency, club or store information to qualify.

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