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Commercial Grade Rimfire Dueling Tree

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  • This model is rated for .22 rimfire ammunition only
  • Minimum distance:  Handguns = 10 yards  /  Rifles = 15 yards
  • Reactive back and forth dueling action
  • Industry best - super smooth and reliable hinge mechanism
  • Includes (6) 4" diameter AR500 steel paddles
  • Accurate shots that hit the paddles are safely deflected to the ground
  • Missed shots that hit the front post are safely deflected down range
  • Sturdy four leg stand is elevated in the center to provide maximum stability
  • Licensed under US Patent #6,994,348


This commercial grade Dueling Tree is built to last a lifetime with precision components and craftsmanship throughout.  Our industry leading design boasts the smoothest paddle rotation and most stable platform available at any price.

Two Shooters
Set the Dueling Tree in the starting position with three paddles on each side.  Two Shooters engage the target simultaneously with the objective of getting all (6) paddles rotated to their opponent's side.  Keep shooting, reloading and shooting until a winner is determined.

One Shooter
Six paddles can be engaged individually by one shooter.  For training, paddles can be painted different colors.  The shooter needs to identify and engage the correct color on command. 


Tree Height: 41"' tall
Paddles: Six 4" diameter x 1/4"" thick AR500 steel (paddles ship unpainted)
Vertical Stem: 1/4" thick x 34" steel angle - black paint finish
Legs: 1/4" thick steel with black powder coat finish
Product Weight: 35 lbs

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