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Gender Reveal Ceramic Target Ball Pink & Blue Set

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  • COLORFUL CLOUD PUFF - Enjoy an amazing cloud of brightly colored powder as soon as the ball is shot! 
  • PERFECT FOR GENDER REVEAL PARTIES - Add a special event to your baby gender reveal parties by giving everyone an exciting surprise! 
  • DURABLE BUT EASY TO BREAK - Made out of ceramic, the Target Balls are sturdy enough to not break when dropped into softer grass ground, but once it is shot, expect a huge cloud of color. Avoid dropping into hard ground areas such as concrete. 
  • SOLD IN 2 PACKS - Target Balls are sold in sets of 2 packs. Get a quick practice round with the extra ball so you can get ready for the main reveal! Target Balls come packaged in a box and inside both balls included with tags to identify which one is what color. To keep the ball a surprise, simply remove the tag.
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