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HALO B27-SHIELD Defensive Training Reactive Shooting Targets - 12.5"x19"

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HALO B27-SHIELD Defensive Training Reactive Shooting Targets - 12.5"x19"

  • HALO technology gives BIGGER BURSTS than competing reactive brands!
  • New self defense training splatter targets that provide optimum visibility
  • Printed with high density inks on bright quality card stock
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The new B27-SHIELD defensive reactive shooting target provides the shooter with a scaled down version of the classic "B27" scoring zone.  However, the B27-SHIELD also includes a 1" grid to know exactly how far off the mark you're shooting in order to make sight adjustments.  It also features 4 additional bulls eyes on the perimeter of the scoring area to give you the most training value from every target and reduce the amount targets required for your training routine.

How do we acheive a bigger burst? HALO™ Targets are printed on a special high quality thicker card stock and higher density inks. When hit the black and red areas instantly burst around the bullet hole revealing a big bright white halo. 

Stop wasting your valuable range time retrieving targets to check your shot locations. Choose Thompson HALO targets when you're shooting for the best!

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