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HALO Threat Code: RED - Reactive Shooting Game Targets - 12.5"x19"

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HALO Threat Code: RED - Reactive Shooting Game Targets - 12.5"x19"

  • New! Point based shooting game for 1 or more players
  • Challenge a friend or compete against yourself in 4 unique scenarios
  • Reactive target leaves a bright white mark around every shot!
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Thompson Target introduces the newest target in our line of competitive skill building game targets.  Take out the threats before it's too late!  But be careful not to hit the innocents and lose points.  Move the target further away to increase difficulty or add a timer to measure your speed and accuracy against a friend!

HOW TO PLAY:  Each player places a target and fires 10 rounds.  Score points by hitting the red threats inside the scoring areas, but lose points by hitting the innocents or negative point areas.  Earn 20 bonus points for scoring on all threats.  The player with the highest score wins!

How do we achieve a bigger burst? HALO™ Targets are printed on a special high quality thicker card stock and higher density inks. When hit the black and red areas instantly burst around the bullet hole revealing a big bright white halo. 

Stop wasting your valuable range time retrieving targets to check your shot locations. Choose Thompson HALO targets when you're shooting for the best!

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